I Tried A Plant-Based Bacon Made From Japanese Koji — Here’s What I Thought

Did I like it? Yes! Overall, I think Prime Roots’s plant-based bacon is a great substitute for “real” bacon if you’re in the market to try an alternative, plant-based meat or if you’re vegetarian/vegan and looking for a solid bacon replacement.

And I really like Le’s philosophy about the future of alternative meat options, she said: “No one called a veggie burger an ‘alternative meat’ 10 years ago, it was just a veggie burger. The fact that we’re calling it ‘alternative’ today means that there’s something conventional, and I’m really excited because looking forward 10, 20 years, plant-based WILL be a conventional option. It won’t just be bacon…and it’ll be from a plant source. And that’s really the future I’m so, so excited about.”

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