Here’s What We’re Hoping To See On The “Legends Of The Hidden Temple” Reboot

Just please no temple guards.

Legends of the Hidden Temple, the classic Nickelodeon reality adventure series from the ’90s, is coming back to wreak havoc and instill fear in us all!

The competition show, which originally aired from 1993 to 1995, is getting a revival series that will air on The CW and feature an all-adult cast.

While various outlets, including Variety, have reported on the details of the series, I still have my sights on what I hope the series brings back and does even better! Including:


The Shrine of the Silver Monkey puzzle

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Many of us remember the frustration that came with this round of the competition series. Time after time we watched exhausted contestants work frantically to assemble the three-piece Shrine of the Silver Monkey only to see most of them sorely fail. When properly put together, the statue would unlock doors leading to the next artifact. But apparently, it wasn’t as easy as all that. Contestants on the show botched the stacking of the Silver Monkey constantly. Here’s hoping the show’s reboot will bring back the artifact so that the adult players can avenge their much younger predecessors.


The Moat Filled With Mystery Liquid

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The moat was by far the most disgusting aspect of the Legend of the Hidden Temple, but, yes, I want more of it!! You may or may not remember that the first round of the competition show required the six teams to maneuver their way across a narrow pool sometimes by using a raft, ropes, or a bridge. The best part of the moat feature was watching the contestants put their best foot forward while tackling the rafts and ropes, all the while trying to focus on the task at hand despite the show’s host’s (Kirk Fogg) incessant voiceover. Set the gongs, temple guards! We’re ready to watch the new cast tackle this, and, hopefully, they’ll be able to tell us why that water was so brown!


Those Tricky Trivia Steps of Knowledge

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For anyone addicted to trivia games on their phones, this one is a no-brainer. Olmec’s Steps of Knowledge tested the memories of teams better than any Sudoku puzzle could. Competitors who knew the answer would hit an “ancient marking” fixed on one of the steps. If their answer was right, they’d keep moving down the stairs.


The ever-winning Silver Snakes and the cool shirts

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Say what you want about your favorite team, but the Silver Snakes were just WINNERS.


Speaking of, those shirts!

Nickelodeon / Via

These shirts were a hot commodity back in the day, and like the Hunger Games, their symbols spoke to your soul and identity. With so much chaos going on in the series, there’s no doubt that you identified with either the Red Jaguars, Blue Barracudas, Green Monkeys, Orange Iguanas, Purple Parrots, or Silver Snakes.


The ultimate final round


In the original series, the competition was finalized with the “Temple Run” segment. The final segment saw emotionally shaken competitors run through the world’s most confusing maze while completing an obstacle of puzzles in under three minutes. This was the final round of the series meant to weed out the weak, and we’re ready for the sweat, fear, and fright the adult competitors will be forced to face! As Olmec would say, “Bring on the temple runnn!”


Easter eggs out the wazoo

Nickelodeon / Via

Yes, it’s amazing that Dee Bradley Baker (the original voice for Olmec) will return to the show to take on the role of the host, but we! want! more!!! 

I want every subtle reference and every hint that pays homage to the original show that was once on Nickelodeon and will now be on The CW. Give us the slime! The gold helmets! The sliding ropes and references to Orlando, Florida, where the show used to be produced! Bring it on!

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