Here’s How Erika Jayne Found Out Ex-Husband Tom Girardi Was Cheating On Her Years Before Split

Erika Jayne is revealing all in the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The 50-year-old reality star and singer opened up in the ep about how she found out that Tom Girardi was cheating on her.

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While talking with her co-stars on the episode, Erika revealed that not feeling “loved” by Tom was ultimately what led her to seek a divorce, and how she found out about his cheating.

Erika says that she realized he was really unfaithful after his car accident in 2018.

“I was just assuming he was with some other woman,” she shared, adding that he could’ve been with “any of them. You can take a pick.”

She adds, “You guys have no idea what I’ve been living through, no idea what I’ve been through. This is my life.”

Kyle Richards also admitted that she heard “rumblings” about Tom cheating, telling Erika, “So you’re with an 81-year-old man and he’s cheating on you?”

“Yeah, isn’t that some s***?” Erika replied, and added that after Yolanda Hadid divorced David Foster, she was inspired to look more closely at Tom. “I never had gone through my husband’s phone, I never touched his papers, I never touched anything, and after Yolanda divorced David, I just opened that phone and I was like wow, OK.”

Erika continued: “I found the evidence. It’s was text messages, it was pictures. I felt like it was years-long. Well, I know it was.”

After filing for divorce, Erika has now been accused of hiding her assets amid Tom‘s own embezzlement trial.

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