Halsey Shared An Adorable Photo Of Her Baby’s Sonogram

Halsey is enjoying her pregnancy! The “Without Me” singer took to Instagram to share an adorable photo of her baby’s sonogram, and, in it, she tagged her doctor.

The music artist recently shared with her followers that she would have been pregnant on tour if it wasn’t for the pandemic.

and just so we’re aware, if it wasn’t for Covid I woulda done the tour pregnant 😂

Twitter/ @halsey / Via Twitter: @halsey

In a second tweet, she also thanked her fans for their well-wishes.

blahhhh. anyway. 🤍 thanks for the love I’ve been bursting at the seams for the past 48 hours. it’s wonderful to celebrate something with you all after years of sharing all the sad stuff 😉

Twitter/ @halsey / Via Twitter: @halsey

In the post, she tagged her boyfriend, screenwriter Alev Aydin, who happily commented, “Heart so full, I love you, sweetness.”

And Halsey replied, “I love you!!!!! And I love this mini human already!”

Halsey’s baby is definitely going to be getting a lot of love from mom and dad!

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