Get Ready for Super Bowl Superspreaders in Tampa, Florida

MIAMI—When it comes to living through a pandemic, Warren Colazzo is walking an increasingly absurd tightrope.

The 69-year-old Tampa strip-club mogul told The Daily Beast he and his wife had COVID-19 in March when the coronavirus first began raging through Florida. He said he caught the virus at Thee Dollhouse, his exotic dancing palace—a venue he expected to welcome hordes of Super Bowl LV fans this weekend.

“It was a little outbreak,” Colazzo said of his own illness during a phone interview. “Five people got it, but we haven’t had anyone get sick in the last seven months.”

That’s not gonna restrict anything. Everyone is going out. It might even be better than an event I did at last year’s Super Bowl in Miami.

Greg Jones

Colazzo added that he’s been so busy preparing for the big game festivities that he hasn’t had time to schedule an appointment to get the COVID-19 vaccine, which is available to people 65 and over in Florida.

After all, the hometown Buccaneers, led by future Hall of Famer Tom Brady, are playing for the Lombardi Trophy.

“With the Bucs playing in the Super Bowl, no one is thinking about COVID,” Colazzo said. “It’s an escape from what’s going on. The last three nights, I’ve met a lot of people from California and other lockdown states who came here just to party. They are not even here to watch the football game.”

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