Ed Sheeran Said He Thought He Was Gay While Growing Up

“I definitely have a big feminine side.”

Ed Sheeran is talking about his perspectives on masculinity and gender.

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During a new interview with the Dutch podcast Man Man Man, Sheeran revealed that he never felt “hugely masculine” as a kid and thought he could have possibly been gay.

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“I definitely have a big feminine side,” he shared. “I love musical theatre, I love pop music, I love Britney Spears. My masculine side probably stops at drinking beer and watching football.”

“When I was a kid, I thought I was gay for a bit,” Sheeran added.

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The “Bad Habits” singer revealed he also prefers watching the women’s leagues in sports. “I watched it and I was like, ‘I don’t know why I watch male football, this is much better.’”

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As for his vehicles, Sheeran said he doesn’t wish to be in the world’s fanciest car. “I am not a car guy. I like a nice car, but I’m not a car guy,” the “Shape of You” singer said.

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“But then, my wife is super pro-women and femininity. And so, as soon as we started dating, my life shifted to that,” Sheeran added.

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“She plays in a female hockey team. We hang out with all the team. It’s very much women empowerment.”

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You can hear Sheeran’s full interview on Man Man Man here!

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