Drew Barrymore – Is She Done With Acting For Good?

Drew Barrymore opened up to Andy Cohen on SiriusXM’s Radio Andy about the future of her Hollywood career. Take a look at what she had to say!

The Oscar winner, who comes from a long line of famous actors, has never been a stranger to the limelight.

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After all, she made her film debut in the movie Altered States at the age of five.

Since then, the actress has established herself as a leading lady, making a great name for herself.

But now, after two decades as an actress, she’s apparently thinking of putting an end to her career in this industry!

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When asked if she wants to work on more movie projects, the actress told the host that ‘If I am honest, the answer is no. I do not want to be on a film set now, but that could change when my children are older. I stopped doing them when my kids were born because I have done it since I was in diapers at 11 months. And it was a no brainer for me to put making movies on the back burner so I could be present and raise my kids myself. I did not want to just be on a film set asking the nanny how the children were. I was like, that’s not my journey.’

As fans know, Drew shares 6 year old Frankie and 8 year old Olive with her former husband Will Kopelman.

But while she’s pressed pause on filming movies, Drew has been doing other types of work: ‘I’ve started brands. I was also able to write a book.’

She also explained why she was all in for Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet series, which ended in 2019 after three seasons.


‘I was so knee-deep into mothering the kids. I was like, I do not know who I am anymore..and if I cannot remember that I am an individual with a skill set, I might die. Then I got to play a woman who gets to eat people and it was just how I felt. And it was perfect. It was comedy and it was fun.’

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