Drake Appears In State Farm’s Funny Super Bowl 2021 Ad

“I’m Drake, from State Farm.”

Drake brought a smile to everyone’s faces when he appeared in State Farm’s hilarious Super Bowl 2021 commercial alongside Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes, and actor Paul Rudd.

The ad started off with Rodgers telling Jake from State Farm that he’s disappointed he has a “stand-in” who looks nothing like him.

Twitter/ @JakeStateFarm / Via Twitter: @JakeStateFarm

“Have you seen mine?” Mahomes asked the quarterback, before the camera cut to Rudd wearing the same clothes as the Kansas City Chiefs player.

“It’s like looking in a mirror right?” Rudd hilariously told the athlete while dropping a football.

However, Jake tried to tell Rodgers and Mahomes that they should feel grateful for even having a stand-in.

“Look guys, I don’t even have one,” he said before learning that Drake will act as his counterpart.

“I’m Drake, from State Farm,” the “In My Feelings” rapper hilariously said, and as Jake got up to greet him, they both tried to say the iconic State Farm line at the same time.

“Hey stand-ins don’t have lines,” Jake told Drake, who immediately became silent and ate an apple. LOL.

Drake’s State Farm commercial was definitely one of the best parts of the Super Bowl.

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