Did Nick Cannon Impregnate Abby De La Rosa? If So, He’ll Be The Father Of 6!

Did Nick Cannon Impregnate Abby De La Rosa? If So, He’ll Be The Father Of 6! 

Is Nick Cannon expanding his family? Over the weekend, unconfirmed rumors surfaced, alleging that he impregnated a woman named Abby De La Rosa and she’s pregnant with twins!

Nick Cannon is currently the father of 4. He has 9-year-old twins Monroe and Morccan, whom he shares with Mariah Carey; a 3-year-old son Golden, with Brittany Bell and he and Brittany also welcomed a daughter in December 2020.

Nick & Brittany (Dec. 2020)

Abby De La Rosa, a DJ, took to social media, confirming that she is pregnant with twins and is this summer. While she’s shared images of her growing baby bump, she has NOT confirmed the identity of the babies’ father.

Online speculation about Nick Cannon allegedly being father began with her Valentine’s day posts. On Valentine’s, she shared images of balloons and flowers writing

“Baby daddy did his thing.”

Social media users seemed to think that Nick Cannon’s rumored girlfriend Lanisha Cole and Brittany Bell (whom he shares two children with), also had similar balloons.

Nick Cannon, Lanisha Cole

Here’s a clip of Brittany’s Valentine’s Day.

Here’s a clip of Abby’s Valentine’s Day.

In the past, she has also been spotted wearing an “Ncredible” necklace and often references her future twins father as an “Ncredible” baby daddy.

Also, in a social media post dated for 2020 she says,

“I can’t believe I met my BD when I was 28. Time flies! To my children’s father, thank you for changing my life and going half on these babies with me. I’m forever thankful.”

Explaining how she and her mystery man met, she writes:

“In 2020, the man who is now my children’s father and I reconnected. Never would I have ever envisioned where we are at now. This isn’t a BS “Love” Story, it’s a real story. His openness and honesty won my heart, but above anything, he is my dearest friend and my partner in this world of mine. He changed my life in all the most unconventional ways, inspiring me to open my mind to the unknown when it came to loving outside of “labels” and “ownership”.”

Nick Cannon has not yet to comment on the unconfirmed speculation. He has been most recently linked to model Lanisha Cole.

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