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D’Andra and Kary Spar Over Friendship; Tiffany Feels Attacked

On this episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas, there is a LOT to unpack. Could it be that a friendship is one-sided? Is it possible to never live up to the expectations of others? And who IS the real COVID girl?

D’Andra and Kary are fighting like an old married couple at Brandi‘s birthday party in Grapevine. It all really comes down to the fact that neither woman believes the other one is a good friend. Therefore, this is gonna be a fight that DRAGS ON.

In hopes of changing the mood, Stephanie announces that it’s time to play the panty game, which is a game that only Brandi and Stephanie would come up with. And so begins the task of guessing, “Whose panty is it?” So let me get this straight: the ladies decorate panties and then Brandi has to guess who the panties belong to? Certainly very entertaining…

They toast Brandi, the birthday girl, and when Kary thanks D’Andra, “her little sister,” the jabs start coming back. Kary is on a ROLL and explains that she woke up the day after her 50th birthday wondering who she should apologize to… and Tiffany takes it and runs with it. Tiffany reminds Kary that she threw her in the POOL, fully clothed, and has yet to receive an apology.

Things get heated and Kary is definitely trying to rile Tiffany up. When Kary misspeaks and says an incorrect phrase, Tiffany corrects Kary. But then Kary pulls her race card, except she must’ve forgotten who she was dealing with. Tiffany reminds Kary that English is also HER second language, so she shouldn’t get things twisted.

Tiffany further reminds Kary that sometimes people can’t always get sh*tfaced, particularly when they are married doctors with two young children. Touché. D’Andra tries to defend Tiffany, but of course, Kary jumps down her throat. The word “harassment” gets tossed around and D’Andra claims Kary has been harassing her all day.

Kameron gets in on this action and claims that she was harassed by Tiffany (i.e., chicken foot gate) and goes as far as calling Tiffany two-faced. Kam wants to know why it wasn’t okay for her to call D’Andra “COVID girl,” but when Tiffany called Brandi that, it was all good.

Fired up from the excitement, Kary pipes up and tells Tiffany that “the COVID girl is actually you, by the way.” Like that was meant to be a dig? Tiffany claps right back and explains matter of factly that yes, she is a doctor, during a pandemic, helping to save peoples’ lives and if that’s what qualifies her as “COVID girl,” then, yup, that’s her!

D’Andra gets called dramatic by Kary OF ALL PEOPLE, and the fight gets out of hand FAST. Brandi has to shriek for them to stop since things have escalated to a level of madness. When Brandi is the voice of reason, you know it’s pretty bad. Brandi tries to calmly explain that it’s impossible to try and understand Tiffany’s day-to-day as a doctor during a pandemic, but Kary’s not having it. She reminds Brandi that they ALL have different levels of stress in their lives, not just Dr. Tiffany. Kary then lets all the ladies know that her daughter, Olivia, has contemplated suicide. That should show the ladies that she is stressed out, too! It’s not a good look to use her own daughter’s mental health as a point in this dumb fight.

While D’Andra and Tiffany are in the bathroom, Kary and Kam run off into the vineyard to hide Captain Brandi, the floating head. Like that wouldn’t set D’Andra off more… good idea. Before they head out to the next stop of the day, the women split up looking for the head on a stick. When Stephanie finds her amongst the fields, they are ready to go to the bar, which has been reserved JUST for them. D’Andra, the hostess, set this up… wonder if Kary approves??

After a few pickle shots, Brandi hops on top of a table and proceeds to give dance lessons to not only the girls, but also the bartender. It’s hilarious listening to Tiffany explain that her years as a figure skater unfortunately do not translate to club moves. (Wait, before Tiffany’s last name was Moon it was Sun? Get out.)

D’Andra confronts Kary in a lighter way to let her know she is mad at her, but Kary claims that D’Andra only talks about herself when she checks in. Kary runs off to talk to Brandi, who advises her to “block” D’Andra out. Great advice, Brandi. It is evident that Kary feels some sort of way about her friendship with D’Andra — jealousy of D’Andra’s finances? Anger over D’Andra not being a friend who listens?

The drunk shopping segment is incredible. I mean, OMG. Stephanie thought the charcuterie board was a “spanking stick.” LOL. As some of the ladies run into the candy store, Brandi tries to let D’Andra know that she has to try harder with Kary. Brandi attempts to be the middle man and explains that Kary thinks D’Andra is all about herself. D’Andra becomes defensive and we are back to square one.

This is like the longest day ever. No wonder Tiffany wanted to go to bed. Ha! Over dinner, D’Andra talks of her cocaine addiction and of her family troubles, you know, all light dinner table conversation. She tells the women she is trying to make the relationship right with her estranged brother and then attempts to relate this to her and Kary. And so, their childish fight continues. Kary and D’Andra go back and forth in front of all the women, round III. Luckily, Brandi’s birthday cake gets brought out, Brandi blows all over it, and then all the ladies chow down on it. All during a pandemic. Yum!

The next day, after the marathon birthday party, Kary’s daughter, Sophia, comes to talk jewelry line business. Kary has hired her daughter to help out during the pandemic since she was out of work. Her daughter does not seem the slightest bit interested in her mother’s drama and becomes even more disinterested when Kary tries having a therapy session in front of the cameras. As Kary tries to gets into her daughter’s head about the divorce, Sophia shuts her down and tells Kary, “Okay, stop talking about our relationship.”

Tiffany’s home, for once, and can spend a little time with her twins, something she wishes she could do more.  She sneaks away to talk to her husband, Daniel, about her exhaustion and her work/life balance, things that have been really bothering her lately. She gets upset because her daughters are noticing that she works A LOT and states, “I’ve been running my engine on the red part.”

Daniel reminds her that no one is forcing her to work full time. Tiffany explains that she worked so hard to get to the top, but she’s not even sure if the mountain was worth the climb. Tiffany fears that she is disappointing someone no matter what choice she makes.  Her priorities need to shift, but when Tiffany says *she* is not on her priority list, I have to chuckle. I mean, you ARE on RHOD… (side note: filming this show ALSO takes time away from being with your kids, but I digress).

Tiffany explains she wants to be a better version of her mother and keeps reminding herself that she has a choice in her future now. She recounts that her parents gave up very good lives in China to give their children a better life here in the U.S. She states that she is trying to live up to her parents’ expectations, but she fears, “I just don’t think anything I do is ever going to be good enough for them.” Being a working mom is certainly not easy, especially when on TV…


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