Christine and Emma’s Selling Sunset Mystery Man Revealed

Season four of Selling Sunset has a little a bit of real estate, a healthy number of parties and a whole lot of drama. 

Per usual, Christine Quinn is the instigator of a majority of disagreements, as she has a problem with almost everyone in the brokerage. This season, newcomer Emma Hernan is the main target of her ire, since they share a mutual ex who may or may not have dated them both at the same time.

So who is the man who has inspired such animosity? E! News has learned that Christine and Emma’s ex is Peter Cornell, the director of the sports and entertainment division of the Oppenheim Group.

E! News reached out to Peter for comment and did not hear back.

If you haven’t had the chance to stream all 10 episodes, here’s what you need to know: Christine claimed that she and Peter were in an on-again, off-again relationship when she caught him leaving the gym with Emma. Naturally, she decided to block Emma’s car to prevent her from leaving the parking lot and questioned her about their romance with Peter. 

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