Chris Crocker Received Death Threats Over “Leave Britney Alone” Video

Chris Crocker is speaking out about the death threats he received after posting his “Leave Britney Alone” video in 2007.

In the viral video, the then-19 year old expressed utter sadness over the way the media and public treated Britney Spears. At the time, a tearful Chris implored, “All you people want is more, more, more, more, more—leave her alone!”

This emotional clip became a talking point for comedians and talk show hosts, mainly at the expense of Crocker.

Now, Crocker is once more back in the spotlight, but this time critics are seeing the error of their ways. As one person tweeted, “The ‘Leave Britney alone’ dude was right all along. History will look kindly upon him.”

Looking back at society’s response to the video in a Feb. 9 Instagram post, Chris said he believes the outrage was actually rooted in his gender identity and not in concern for Britney.

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