Celebrities Getting Pranked In I’m Busy TikTok Trend

“Sorry, I can’t talk. I’m busy right now.”

Celebrities are getting pranked on FaceTime once again and we have singer Justine Skye to thank for the hilarious content.

In case you missed it, a few months ago, the Kardashians prank-called some of their (very) famous friends and pretty much scared the heck out of them:

People were pretty surprised to say the least. Like, were they about to be sued?

Justine knew she’d be able to get some payback when she discovered the “I’m Busy” trend on TikTok, where people FaceTime their friends but immediately tell them, “Sorry, I can’t talk. I’m busy right now,” making them believe they were actually the one who called:

So Justine took a scroll through her phone book and hit call on some of her most famous contacts, including Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, and Jamie Foxx — and their reactions were priceless.

Kendall, the original prankster, was simply relaxing in her gold bathtub when Justine rang:

@justineskye / Via tiktok.com

“Wait you called me!” Kendall said before Justine hung up.

Meanwhile, Jamie (who’s saved as 😺 in Justine’s phone), reminded her that she was the one who hit him up:

Hailey couldn’t be pranked twice and caught on pretty fast, asking Justine, “Is this like a thing?”

Justine even gave Timbaland a call, who basically looked confused from the moment he answered:

Meanwhile, Luka Sabbat could not be bothered wherever he was:

@justineskye / Via tiktok.com

“I didn’t even call you,” Luka told Justine.

Winnie Harlow, who looked like she was on set doing something fabulous, could completely understand Justine’s busy schedule:

@justineskye / Via tiktok.com

“Huh? Yeah! Wait…you called me! Okay sure!”

And I’m not sure what’s going on here…but I think Joan Smalls lost her phone:

Watch everyone’s full reactions in Justine’s TikToks below:

But it turns out Justine wasn’t the only one getting in on the pranks! Jersey Shore star Vinny Guadagnino also decided to call up his co-stars to get their reactions:

From Snooki to Pauly D, the Jersey Shore cast was just as confused:

Watch their full reactions below:

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