CDC Report Reveals Double Masking Really Is Worth It

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to rage across the country, federal health officials are now urging Americans to consider double masking, revealing new research that shows the practice offers significantly better protection against COVID-19.

In a Wednesday report, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention broke down two mask methods that are far more effective for both the wearers and those around them. One recommendation is to wear two masks—or a surgical mask underneath a cloth mask—which could reduce exposure to virus-related aerosols by more than 90 percent, the CDC said. A second option is knotting a mask’s ear loops and tucking in the sides to ensure a snug fit.

“Any mask is better than no mask. Wearing a mask protects you and everyone in your community,” John T. Brooks, medical officer for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s COVID-19 response and co-author of Wednesday’s report, told The Daily Beast. “The data released by CDC today underscore the importance of wearing a mask correctly and making sure that it fits closely over your nose and mouth.”

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