Brie Bella Says Her 3-Year-Old Daughter Is Like A ‘Second Mom’ To Her Baby Brother – Here’s How She Helps Out!

As fans know, Brie Bella has two kids! But, just in time for the launch of her Nicole + Brizee collection, she is revealing that her daughter Birdie has been stepping up to help out with baby Buddy!

That’s right! While her firstborn is only 3 years old, the proud mom of two tells HollywoodLife that she’s been a great help with her 7 month old baby brother, even saying that she’s like a ‘second mom’ to him!

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Brie raved that ‘I have to say, seeing Birdie as an older sister, it’s just really heart melting. She loves him so much. She gives him so many kisses, she really cares about him. I feel like making her a helper or a second mom makes it easier.’

Since 2014, the reality star has been married to WWE wrestler Brian Danielson, who still spends a lot of his time on the road, working.

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With two young children at home, the Total Bellas star has been vocal about the challenges of juggling it all.

‘It can be tough, for sure. There are definitely moments where I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is so hard!’ But overall, I really feel so blessed to have such great kids. But to balance both, I have to say, I’m lucky that my daughter likes to help. It’s really funny because when he cries, she’ll be like, ‘Buddy’s crying!’ She wants me to drop everything and run to him. She’s always so concerned. ‘Oh, mommy needs your help. Can you get the diaper or can you get the bottle?”

And that’s not all! Brie went on to share some more about just how independent and smart her little girl is.


‘Right now she’s into this thing where it’s like breakfast in bed which I don’t mind because I get more time to have my coffee. But she’ll be like, ‘I’ll have breakfast in bed,’ and she’ll lay back and be like [eating]. And she loves building. She’ll be in her room for one or two hours until she comes out for the day.’

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