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Boosie Badazz And VladTV Joke About The Kardashians – Boosie Said Kris Had To Get The Man On The ‘Kelloggs Box’ After Nearly Going Broke

Boosie Badazz is not only a rapper but a notorious media personality. Some outlets have gone so far as to suggest that Badazz, as a personality, is probably more famous these days for his interviews rather than for his music.

For example, it seems like he sits down for an interview with VladTV nearly every week, where the pair talk about everything, from OnlyFans to the death of King Von. In the culture at the moment, there are a lot of people who give politically correct answers to avoid negative consequences, like getting canceled and the loss of very important endorsements just to name a few.

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Boosie, on the other hand, has managed to keep it real in terms of his views, a fact that was referenced above. Boosie does interviews with Vlad all the time and it’s clear that people like them, because Vlad wouldn’t do them otherwise.

One thing they talked about this week was Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan’s brewing romance, in addition to the Kar-Jenner clan, specifically, Kris Jenner. Boosie spoke about the history of the family and how Kris nearly went broke after breaking up with Rob Kardashian.

Boosie went on to say that Kris had to marry Bruce Jenner who later became Caitlyn before she and the rest of the family finally managed to become wealthy.

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Boosie said to VladTV that the Kar-Jenner family was a lot smarter than people are aware of. For instance, he says every move is calculated as if they’re playing chess and not checkers. The rapper went on to say that the “madame” was going to “play chess.”

Kris had to get the man on the “Kellog’s box,” Boosie claimed, obviously referring to the way in which Bruce was featured on the Wheatie’s box a long time ago after he successfully took home  Olympic gold medals.

Additionally, Boosie spoke on the way the sisters have managed to look better and better as time goes on, while on the other hand, he slammed women who get surgery. He said it was harder and harder to find a “natural dime piece” these days.


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