Blake Shelton Reveals What Made Gwen Stefani’s Wedding Vows Hit So Hard

Blake Shelton is reflecting on his wedding to Gwen Stefani over the summer.

The 45-year-old star got candid about their nuptials in an interview with People.

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During the conversation, he spoke about Gwen‘s vows.

“She took that really hard, took it to heart and talked about it all the time,” he said of their decision to write their own vows.

“She was like, “Oh my God, I’m still working on it.’”

He then explained why they hit so hard when he finally heard Gwen‘s vows.

“The thing that got to me was she spoke about my [late] brother and my dad as if she had known them almost,” he said.

“She didn’t make it seem that way, but it felt that way as she was speaking about them. She said she wished they were there and what kind of men she thinks they must’ve been. Man, it hit me,” he continued.

“Like, I couldn’t believe how hard it hit me. I felt like at this point, I’ve kind of gotten calloused. I guess I’m not because that absolutely slayed me. It’s hard to even remember what else she even said. I’ll never forget that feeling.”

His own wedding vows were written for a song – and he just released it!

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