Best Body Makeup 2021: Including Fenty’s New Body Sauce

Ah summer, we can’t wait. Goodbye to short, damp days and evenings spent in pyjamas under a blanket. Give us glowy skin, sunshine pops of colour and carefree hair. We can swap our sweatshirts for t-shirts, our trainers for sandals and…our tracksuit bottoms for… shorts. Ah, shorts. One of the most highly divisive clothing items and you’re either a lover or not such a lover. If you’re the latter and the thought of shorts, be it leather, cargo or linen, is enough to make you want to freeze time at the end of Feb, staying cosy under your knitwear, you’re not alone.

And while we suspect Rihanna doesn’t have that issue, what she does have is a whole lot of self love and a glowing skin playbook that we can all take a leaf from. And there’s one product we know she’s definitely using, her new Fenty Beauty Body Sauce.

A body tint with a gel-cream formula, it delivers light coverage and a subtle shimmer. It is humidity, sweat and transfer resistant and enriched with Babassu Oil and Vitamin E to nourish the skin. It comes in seven skintone shades.

Want the skinny on all the best body makeup available? It was once the celebrity makeup artists’ best-kept secret, but is no more thanks to an array of different products making it easy for us all to reap the benefits. Body makeup can be split into three categories: oils, foundations and body glows/blurs.

Oils are perfect for a moisturising sheen and range from super luxe shimmer versions or for a budget beauty fix, just whack a bit of cold pressed coconut oil on and watch as it smooths out the texture of your skin and gives it a gorgeous glow.

A body foundation is the best option to even out the skin. Sally Hansen’s ‘Airbrush Legs’ and Mac’s ‘Face and Body’ foundation were early guests to this party, and have remained cult favourites throughout the years.

The body glow or body blur is the ‘bit of everything’ product. It’ll smooth and cover, and will usually have skin tone and pearl pigments to blur imperfections and give a dazzling sheen.

Celebrity makeup artist Jacinta Spencer says: “Choose a product that’s closest to your skin tone. I love to use Vita Liberata Body Blur, as it’s great for smoothing the skin’s appearance. Apply using a big buffing makeup brush and using circular motions. Let the product fully dry,” to avoid transfer. “A lot of formulas are designed to be transfer-free and stay put for hours, but I sometimes also like to spray it with makeup setting spray to lock in the product.”

So whether you’re after a light, healthy glow or you want to bless your legs and shoulders with a bit of coverage, there is a product out there for everyone. Below we’ve compiled a conclusive list of the best GLAMOUR-approved body makeup out there.

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