‘Bachelorette’ Star Hannah Brown Gets Real About Loving Her Body & Admits She Only Ate Candy On Set

Hannah Brown has opened up about her body issues in a new video on her YouTube channel.

The former Bachelorette star and Dancing With The Stars champion got candid about the issues she’s faced over the years about accepting her body and striving to get a “perfect” one.

In the video, Hannah recalls the times that she only “ate candy” on The Bachelorette set and was always known for having a chubby face.

“Everybody would always comment on my little chubby face,” she recalled, while noting she was constantly comparing herself to other dancers she grew up alongside.

Hannah then admitted that while on The Bachelorette she “would never eat the food…What I was doing was not sustainable, I wasn’t eating super healthy nutritious food.”

“It’s always been a constant struggle of worthiness, I wasn’t happier at that time – I just didn’t have any self-worth through all that.”

Hannah goes on, saying that “body image is something that I’ve struggled with since I was a little girl, and will continue to work on for many years to come. I hope by letting you guys in and sharing my experiences will help anyone out there who is struggling with the same thing. Just remember that YOU are beautiful, YOU are loved, and YOU are not alone.”

Earlier this week, another star gave her fans a boost of confidence with this body positive tweet.

If you missed it, Hannah has a new boyfriend!

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