An Ode to the Women of WandaVision

Vision may have made it into the title, but WandaVision really belongs to the ladies. 

The Disney+ series, which wrapped up last week, was simply beyond what any of us expected it to be before it premiered. It took a relative side character from the movies of the MCU and gave her nine episodes to explore her own mental health in a way no other character in this world has. By the end, she had been turned into one of the most powerful beings in the biggest movie franchise of all time, and she didn’t do it alone. 

What began as a trippy homage to TV history turned into a spectacular showcase for Elizabeth Olsen, Kathryn Hahn, Teyonah Parris and Kat Dennings, which became both a reminder of what we’ve had in front of us all along and a preview for what’s to come. 

In short, we’ve never been so excited to be fans of this universe. 

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