Amy Schneider Is Now The #3 Longest Winning Champ, Taking Over James Holzhauer’s Spot on ‘Jeopardy!’

Amy Schneider has broken another record on Jeopardy!

The engineering manager has officially surpassed James Holzhauer as the third longest winning champ on the trivia game show with 33 games.

Amy now only trails Matt Amodio with 38 games, and current guest host Ken Jennings, who is at the top with 74.

Amy has been the champ since her start on November 17, 2021. There was a break between December 3 and the 20th for the College Professors Tournament, before the regular games picked back up.

Her current winnings are at $1,111,800.

Amy‘s run also brought the show to the highest-rated non-sports show this season. It’s averaging 9.7 million viewers per episode.

Find out what other records Amy has broken so far on the show here!

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