American Airlines Asks Olivia Culpo to Put on a Hoodie Before Boarding Flight

Olivia Culpo apparently needed to change to get onto a flight.

The 29-year-old I Feel Pretty star and former Miss Universe was told to cover up, opting to wear her boyfriend Christian McCaffrey‘s hoodie, before boarding their flight to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, her sister Aurora documented on Thursday (January 13).

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Olivia and I are going to Cabo,” she said on her Instagram Story.

“Look at her – she looks cute. She looks appropriate, no?” she added, showing Olivia in biker shorts, a crop top and cardigan.

“They call her up to the desk and tell her that she needs to put a blouse on, otherwise she can’t get on the plane. Tell me that is not so f–ked up? American Airlines…I love you so much, please get me to Cabo,” she continued, laughing.

Aurora also showed another passenger in a similar outfit, who wasn’t told to cover up, with the customer calling it “weird.”

She also shared a photo of Christian bundled up on the flight, writing: “When you freeze bc ur lady dress inappropriate AF. Exactly how Jack from the Titanic died.”

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