38 Products Under $10 To Help You Fix Stuff Instead Of Buying Replacements

Perhaps you, too, have fallen into a YouTube rabbit hole of frugal bloggers, and have heard the phrase “use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without” BUT the hardest part of that can easily be the “make it do” when something is broken and you’re unsure of how the heck to repair it.

You’re not alone! Sometimes googling how to repair that thing you’re trying to mend reveals that you need to buy another thing to do the task. Or buying a cheap thing you can use to fix it (and then fix many other things after!) can make your repair much less daunting. I get it and have even used a ton of these things below to do all kinds of repairs! I want you to fix the stuff that you love and save some cash in the meantime. (I’m forever telling my friends to do this.) So without further ado….

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