24 Best Wall Art Prints To Brighten Your Home 2021

I love to spot what wall art people have up in their rooms when I’m sat on Zoom (or IRL – when the rules allow for home visits). It can reveal more about a person than you might think, because of all the thousands of options available out there; something about that particular piece of art resonated with them. Maybe it references their favourite band, maybe they love the artist, maybe the block colours make them happy. Drilling a hole and framing something on a wall is a commitment, so the art has got to mean something.

In my own room I have Florence Given’s empowering slogan print – bought to serve as a reminder – along with a postcard I’ve framed from Italy to remind me of a wonderful city break from years ago, a print based on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland picked up from a modern art gallery in Oxford, and a moon and stars print because I love all things celestial.


If you’ve come here, you’re probably in search of some wall art yourself – be it to display in your own home or buy as a gift. I can see why: we’re all spending more time at home these days, and even when things start to shift back to normality we’re unlikely to all go back to five days a week in the office, so we may as well make our interiors nicer to look at. Yes, it’s important to get the functionality of our home spaces right (looking at the chair which gives me WFH back ache) but if we don’t feel inspired by or happy with the space awake to see, we’re making it harder mentally to be indoors all of the time. The small things add up.

With that in mind, there are 24 prints and hangings in a variety of forms to peruse below. Some are traditional graphic prints (such as this one from Etsy), others are by famous artists and designers (like this from the Tate), a few are made of fabric or metal if you want a different texture (see here), and some are really stripped back (like this) if you’re just looking for a subtle piece that lifts a room without changing it.


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