23 Questions I Have After Watching Tiger King Season 2

Is this season even wilder than the last?!

This post contains major Tiger King 2 spoilers — you’ve been warned!

Netflix has just released Tiger King 2 and it’s somehow just as weird, wild, and wacky as the first. It picks up where Season 1 left off with Joe Exotic behind bars and the rest of the eccentric big cat owners trying their best not to join him.

Here are some questions I desperately need answering after watching Season 2:


How did Joe Exotic end up stripping for the mayor?


We know why Joe was stripping for the mayor – to raise money for a new fire truck, but I would pay good money to find out how this fundraiser came to be. Did Joe strip down to his G-string voluntarily? Did the fire department ask him to? Did the MAYOR ask him?? 


What the hell happened to Don Lewis?


I think it’s safe to say that the Don Lewis case has more plot twists than an episode of Riverdale. Is he alive and living his best life in Costa Rica? Has he changed his identity and moved elsewhere? Was he murdered? And if so, by who? What exactly is the truth, and will we ever get to the bottom of it? 


And was Carole Baskin involved?!


Did she turn him into tiger sashimi or not? I really need to know.  


How on earth did Harry Jowsey from Too Hot To Handle end up on Tiger King 2?


So it turns out that since their recent rise to fame, Harry Jowsey and Dillon Passage have become pretty good pals. This might just be the most unexpected crossover in Netflix history but I’m here for it. 


Jeff Lowe wants to open a strip club in a zoo?!


Combining a strip club with a zoo sounds like a recipe for disaster in my humble opinion. They say that no idea is a bad idea but this has to be the exception to the rule. 


Who is producing all of this outlandish Joe Exotic merch?


And more importantly, who is buying it? Just when you think you’ve seen it all, there’s a whole plane with Joe’s face on it. 


Where is “Doc” Antle?


We certainly have our fair share of colour characters this season but I couldn’t help but wonder where “Doc” Antle is now. He was known for his wild collection of exotic animals and his many, many wives, and truth be told, I would’ve appreciated a life update. 


So the “hitman” was never actually hired to kill Carole Baskin?


According to Allen Glover, the murder-for-hire plot against Carole that landed Joe in prison was based entirely on lies. I really don’t know what to believe anymore. 


Did he say they were going to decapitate Joe Exotic?!


So before Joe allegedly attempted to have Carole murdered, Jeff and Allen planned to kill Joe for his life insurance? And decapitate him with barbed wire? Biggest plot twist ever. 


I’m sorry but how is Jeff Lowe not in prison?


He admitted to lying about the Carole Baskin murder-for-hire plot, committed federal-mail fraud and tried to steal from a domestic abuse charity, mistreated his animals on several accounts, and was caught driving under the influence. This cat definitely has nine lives. 


And when did he become Team Joe?


So you’re telling me that the former enemies have now joined forces and are working together to get Joe released from prison? I officially cannot keep up. 


How are these people not constantly incriminating themselves?


How can they all talk so freely about their involvement in murder plots, fraud, and animal abuse and not get in trouble for it? It seems like every other minute someone is confessing to something very illegal. 


Does anyone actually care about the animals?


Other than PETA, it seems like no one actually has the animal’s best interests at heart. Unfortunately, these big cat enthusiasts appear to be way more enthusiastic about getting their rivals thrown into jail. 


Why was the psychic detective talking about chicken so much?


One thing I didn’t expect to witness this season (or ever) was a psychic detective getting overly emotional about an empty chicken container lying near a portaloo. If this show has taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected. 


Are my eyes failing me or did Joe Exotic make a music video about a dying chimpanzee?


The music video for Joe’s cover of “Say Something” was truly something else. He laid the chimpanzee to rest dressed in a Tiger King T-shirt while singing his heart out in the background. Try explaining this moment to someone who’s never seen the show before. 


Is this season just as crazy as the last?


Against all odds, yes it is. I realised just how wild this season was when Don Lewis’ family and their attorney aired a commercial condemning Carole in the middle of her Dancing With The Stars debut. Of course, Joe Exotic then hired the exact same attorney to represent him! You really can’t make this stuff up. 


How has Joe Exotic had so many husbands?


Meanwhile, I can’t even get a text back… 


And how did he create a whole ‘Bachelor King’ competition while behind bars?


How Joe managed to set up an online dating competition while incarcerated and actually find a boyfriend is beyond me. One thing about Joe, he’s not going to let anything get in the way of his love life – not even a 22-year prison sentence.


How can one person swear so much?


I didn’t think it was possible for someone to be even more volatile than Joe Exotic until we were introduced to Tim Stark. I stand corrected. 


Did we really need another jet ski montage of James Garretson?


I think I can speak for absolutely everyone when I say, yes, yes we did. 


Was anything actually concluded this season?


Well, Don Lewis is still MIA, Joe Exotic is still behind bars, and there are still conflicting stories about that murder-for-hire plot, so no, not really. If anything Tiger King 2 raised more questions than it answered. 


Will Joe Exotic ever get out of prison?


Tiger King 2 ends on a cliffhanger with Jeff Lowe retracting his statement on Joe’s alleged murder-for-hire plot. It looks like there could be a retrial for Joe on the way but only time will tell.  


Will there be a Tiger King Season 3?


There bloody better be, I need answers. 

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