22 Toxic Teaching Tactics Teachers Should Never Do


“Being overbearingly ‘supportive.'”

“I had a teacher act like this, especially towards those she deemed ‘brave’ and ‘future leaders of a brave new world’: BIPOC, scholarship kids, those with dyslexia and/or an anxiety disorder, and the like. When a classmate with dyslexia struggled to read a piece for the class, she’d clap her hands and say, ‘You can do it! We ALL believe in you! Come on, everybody. Let’s applaud to show our support!’ Honestly, this made it so much worse for the poor classmate. Most of her supportive comments were patronizing AF. So many backhanded compliments, too. Her relentless and oft-selfish need to prove that she was a ‘good person’ or the ‘best kind of ally’ had made her one of the most disliked teachers at school.”


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