15 People Who Got Petty With Their Annoying Neighbors


And finally, this grandma, who is my new personal hero:

“Many years ago, when my grandma was living alone, she had my cousins put up her outside Christmas lights for her. She decided to leave them up all year round, because her roof was really high and she didn’t want to risk anyone getting hurt. She didn’t turn them on all year, she just left them up. Honestly, the trim of her house was dark and you couldn’t really see them when they weren’t on anyway, even during the day. 

Well, grandma had this one neighbor who always complained about her and her house. One afternoon, I was washing my grandma’s truck when the neighbor came over to complain. She and my grandma got into a big screaming match, during which this lady told my grandma that needed to take her lights down, because ‘Christmas lights being up all year were as tacky as her pink lipstick.’ The next weekend, my grandma hired some guys to come paint her house pink — the same shade as her ‘tacky’ lipstick. She not only left the lights up, but she also turned them on every night, all year. Sometimes she’d sit on her porch with a beer in her hand, glaring at her neighbor with her Christmas lights on in the middle of June. The neighbor didn’t complain to my about anything else ever again.”


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