15 Best Designer Belts 2021 To Add To Your Wardrobe

Ask any stylist for their number one tip and we guarantee, the fastest shortcut from simply getting dressed to actually looking styled would be ‘add a belt’. It sounds seriously simple and… it is! There is no hidden trick. Adding a belt to any outfit will make your look more polished, sharper, chicer and… we admit that wearing a belt won’t give you super-powers, it *will* elevate an outfit to super-styled.

Liken it to punctuation in a sentence or using red lipstick to brighten your face. These waist-cinching accessories will give any body shape definition. We’re not talking about anything as old fashioned as using a belt to “flatter” your figure but belts can cleverly make any body shape look in proportion. Of course any belt will do (and sometimes we have resorted to tying a pretty ribbon round our waist) but a designer belt is the fastest way to elevate an outfit.

Depending on your own fashion goals and personal style, these are some of our favourite fashion fixes… The Gucci logo has become an icon of our era and is arguably the ultimate designer belt rn. The only problem is choosing which version to go for. The classic dark leather style has been joined by an array of colours (the baby blue leather one is actually super versatile) and embellished logos (from pearl to crystal-covered) as well as a canvas version that looks great with denim and more casual looks.

Isabel Marant’s tan leather belt is also a brilliant weekend choice slipped through the belt loops of your favourite jeans while Saint Laurent’s subtle monogram would look chic neatly fastened over a smart shift dress in the office. When we can get to the office.

Of course, if you’re snuggled at home in a sweater dress, Loewe’s wide whipstitched belt will stop the fabric swamping you. Artfully ruche the excess dress fabric over the belts’ sides for an insouciant look. Prada’s reversible version offers fashion magic with it’s genius white and black sides, meaning you can style it year round for any occasion with ease.

Because belts are a smaller financial investment than, say, a huge handbag, you can afford to have a little more fun with your choice of colours, patterns and prints. Balenciaga’s B belt comes in rich emerald green, Off-White’s logo belt is a quirky mix of blue and pink while Burberry’s look-at-me check also has a TB monogram buckle.

If you’re an edgy fashion fan you might prefer Bottega Veneta’s stealth chic triangle buckle or Loewe’s super-wide Obi-style belt and the ultimate trend for 2021 is echoes the current Y2K fashion revival with slinky chain belts, like Paco Rabanne’s, and diamante details, like Isabel Marant’s version, firmly back on the fashion radar. Along with bandana tops and boot-cut hipster jeans. We are sorry about those. But we’re not sorry about the belts, because they really will pull together every. single. outfit you own.

Best designer belts to buy in 2021.

1. Isabel Marant Zap Leather Belt
2. Loewe Whipstitched Belt
3. Prada Reversible Leather Belt
4. Gucci Faux Pearl Embellished Leather Belt
5. Gucci GG Crystal-Embellished Leather Belt
6. Paco Rabanne Chainmail Metal Belt
7. Gucci Baby Blue GG Logo Belt
8. Isabel Marant Joia Crystal-Embellished Silver Tone Belt
9. Bottega Veneta Narrow Black Belt
10. Saint Laurent Monogram Belt
11. Gucci GG Marmont Leather-Trimmed Printed Coated-Canvas Belt
12. Loewe Khaki Obi Belt
13. Balenciaga Hourglass Thin Belt
14. Burberry Monogram Motif Check Belt
15. Off-White Jacquard Logo Industrial Belt

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