13 Secrets You May Not Know About The Devil Wears Prada

11. Clint Eastwood Helped Shape the Character of Miranda Priesly

“The voice I got from Clint Eastwood,” Meryl Streep told Variety. “He never, ever, ever raises his voice and everyone has to lean in to listen, and he is automatically the most powerful person in the room.”

Meryl continued, “But he is not funny. That I stole from [director] Mike Nichols. The way the cruelest cutting remark, if it is delivered with a tiny self-amused curlicue of irony, is the most effective instruction, the most memorable correction, because everyone laughs, even the target.”

Nichols directed the actress in movies such as Silkwood, Postcards From the Edge and Heartburn in the ’80s and ’90s.

As for Miranda’s confident strut in The Devil Wears Prada, Meryl told Variety, “The walk, I’m afraid, is mine.”

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