12 Of The Best Big 3 Moments On “This Is Us”

This Is Us has given us a million sweet moments over the years, but there’s nothing like the bond between siblings. Kevin, Kate, and Randall — adorably dubbed the Big Three by their father Jack — have had some of the best moments over the course of the show.

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Here are 12 of the most memorable Big Three moments.


First up, we have Season 1, Episode 2, in which Randall recalls the now iconic Big Three chant in a bid to calm Kevin down. His attempt to distract Kevin leans on their shared history and sparks some sweet memories amongst the trio.

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“First came… Me and Dad said… Gee!” —Kevin                                                          “And then came… Me and Mom said… Whee!” —Kate                                                 “And then came…Me and they said… That’s three!” —Randall 


In Season 1, Episode 15, Kevin drops everything to be there for Randall when he’s going through a nervous breakdown.

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With the Pearson siblings, it doesn’t have to be all three of them together for it to be a heartwarming sibling moment. 


In Season 2, Episode 15, the Big Three band together to get through a heartbreaking day: their father’s funeral. They take his ashes to a special tree and come together to help their mom.

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This episode is filled to the brim with emotions, and it’s nice to see the siblings support each other. 


They always show up for each other, like in Season 2, Episode 11. It’s family day at Kevin’s rehab. The whole family shows up, but the sweet Big Three moment occurs when Kate and Randall engage in a candid conversation with their brother.


Or in Season 2, Episode 16, when Randall tells Kate during her bachelor party, “You will never lose me, not even if you tried.”


They’re always there to console one another, like when Kevin and Randall help Kate out on her wedding day in Season 2, Episode 18.


In Season 3, Episode 15, Kate gives birth. In this tense episode, her son is born early, and her brothers step up to support her through it all.

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The Big Three bond during a road trip when Kevin, Kate, and Randall drive to visit Nicky. Season 3, Episode 11 uncovers some hard truths regarding Jack and Nicky after the war, and the three siblings lean on each other as they reconcile the story they thought they knew.


Season 4, Episode 5, after a big sibling fight, Kevin, Kate, and Randall reconnect in the backyard and discuss their futures together. It shows how they reconcile just like any other siblings and, in this touching moment, gives a sweet glimpse at their future selves.


Season 4, Episode 13, aptly titled “A Hell of a Week: Part Three” includes a small defining moment after Rebecca rescues her daughter from her abusive boyfriend, and Randall and Kevin step in to help. While this isn’t necessarily a sweet moment, it illustrates just how serious their bond is as siblings. They’re always going to fight for one another, against anything and everything.


The Big Three take a trip down memory lane in Season 4, Episode 14. During a trip to the cabin, they dig up a time capsule and listen to an old recording from their dad. This is an emotional moment for them, and seeing them all together like this illustrates how they support each other through grief.


In this same episode, “The Car,” we see brief flashbacks of the Big Three in the car together over the years. It’s a small, but memorable moment that solidifies what it’s like to grow up with siblings.

Go Big Three!

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Kevin, Kate, and Randall 4ever! It seems impossible to list every moment among these three, so… What are your favorite Big Three moments from the show? Let me know in the comments section below!

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