10 Best Hot Chocolate Gift Sets 2021

Unless you’ve lost your soul to salads and protein shakes, I’m going to guess that you secretly love a hot chocolate. It’s hardly the most sophisticated of drinks, though it’s absolutely one of the most delicious. We also all have a preferred way of drinking it: for some it’s useless without the marshmallows while for others it’s dead to them if even a speck of canned whipped cream lands on top. I get it – hot chocolate is an indulgent thing that isn’t drank all too often so if you’re going to get it, it has to be done right.

I suspect part of the allure of a hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day comes from it’s childish nature and the fact we associate it with being young. Once, bringing a comforting hot chocolate to my work desk (oh how long ago that feels), I could feel the silent judgement coming from my surrounding older colleagues. Never did I feel so young for my choice of drink. But, I suspect in truth they were just a little jealous…

There is something to be said of the power a good hot chocolate can have – all because of that childlike link. It may not be the most office-friendly choice, but take it home or in a cute cafĂ© or park with friends and suddenly it’s the most comforting thing in the world. Bad day? Forget tea – you deserve something much more luxurious to taste. And that’s why we’ve put together a list of the best hot chocolate gift sets. You can’t see your friends like you used to, but maybe someone in your life needs a pick-me-up and comforting gift to remind them they’re not alone. Or maybe they just don’t like regular “adult” drinks.

On days when one too many coffees have been swallowed for a good night’s sleep and a cup of decaf tea won’t cut it, there’s always a hot chocolate.

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